Elements such as proportion and scale are very important factors when trying to achieve Harmony and balance in any Landscape or Renovation Design. By incorporating your ideas With ours, Elite Environments Inc. will Design and create the perfect Garden/ Home Renovation,That is filled with meaning and reflects your family’s lifestyle. We will take your project from design to completion in an organized and professional manner.


A property becomes enhanced when the landscapes are enriched with the Elegance of Natural Stone. As time progresses, the unique characteristics of Natural Stone are revealed. Boulders, walkways and patios are softened by the beauty of plants and ground covers. Our qualified staff will creatively place specimen boulders into your landscaping and construct Flagstone walkways with dedication and pride.


Elite Environments Inc. creates unique living spaces outside of your home with wood and composite materials. Sundecks are a great place to sit, relax and entertain. Pergolas and covered structures bring the indoors out, by creating cozy and sheltered areas. Our team will design and create an area that your family will be proud to entertain in and enjoy quality time together.


Fountains, Waterfalls and Ponds will enhance any garden and the benefits are incalculable. The sound of falling water will mask intrusive noises and the aquatic vegetation is breathtaking. With our many years of experience in building concrete and liner water-features, Elite Environments Inc. Will ensure the design, location and construction of your next Water-Garden, will lead to years of Enjoyment.


Lighting is frequently treated as an accessory, when it should be an integral part of any garden design. Elite Environments Inc. will alter the way your garden is perceived by enhancing attractive forms and Shapes when darkness falls, and the security benefits are incalculable.


Colour, Form and Texture are very important factors that must be taken into consideration, when selecting the type of plant material to incorporate into your garden. It is also very important to have And assortment of plants that peak one after another, so something is always in bloom.Elite Environments Inc. will design and plant your next garden with dedication and care.


The hardest part about maintaining a garden is keeping it watered. Too much water can be harmful and not enough water will result in your garden not thriving. Our professional staff will design and install an irrigation system, to keep your plants and lawn flourishing.


Elite Environments Inc. is specialized in pouring concrete footings and foundations for our structures, pools and ponds. Footings are an important part of foundation construction,they provide bearing on troublesome soil and prevent structures from settling. The foundation is an element of a structure which connects it to the ground. When pouring any foundation Elite Environments Inc. ensures the proper steps are taken.Lastly, we take care and pride when it comes to pouring concrete slabs, for garages, basements,Walkways and patios. Gravel bases and rebar will ensure years of carefree enjoyment.